Base One Free Download For PC

Base One Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Base One is a space base builder game where you take control of a network of space stations and its crew’s tasks and wellbeing. Base One is a strategy game for managing base buildings with an RPG twist.

Base One Free Download

Base One Free Download For PC

After a large wormhole tore the moon apart and caused unprecedented natural disasters, the Earth Global Union created the “Solution” space research program to explore the wormhole for a new home. As a member of the “Solution” program, it’s up to you to expand the fleet, find valuable minerals and new planets – and maybe even save the earth from ecological destruction!

Create your own “Solution” expedition, listen to the different stories the crew has in store for you and explore unknown systems. A custom game mode is also included for experienced players who want to create their own campaign with their own conditions and quests. The “solution” is in your hands, Captain!

Base One Free Download For PC

Key Features of Base One PC Game:

  • Take command of the fleet of EGU space stations located in uncharted corners of space.
  • Select a wide range of crew members with their own unique perks, traits and characteristics to best perform certain tasks on space stations.
  • Monitor the shared resources of the space station network – power, heat, oxygen and water. Juggling these limited supplies at each station is vital!
  • Upgrade your artillery to work quickly with whatever asteroid is in your way. Keep space pirates at bay with the best military expertise EGU can offer!

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Base One Free Download For PC

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