Firelight Fantasy: Resistance Free Download

Firelight Fantasy: Resistance is a spectacular third-person sword fighting game. This game is the beginning of an amazing story about the world of Isotopy. Plunge into an unusual story that happened sometime in the past and maybe in the future. However, this is not so important.

Firelight Fantasy: Resistance Free Download

Firelight Fantasy: Resistance Game For PC


Space explosions have spawned shards called Artifacts of Light. They are not very big, but they have a lot of energy. This power is enough to destroy several planets. Collect all the fragments and use this energy as you want – for the benefit of civilizations or however you may desire. it’s up to you! You also download Trap Arena Free Download PC Game.


The peculiarity is that the fragments reached the Earth at different intervals of time. How many such fragments, are still unknown, but it is assumed that most of

them reached the planet in the distant past. Different generations are trying to get these “gifts” from space, however, it’s never easy.

Firelight Fantasy: Resistance Free Download

Key Features:

  • 10 levels with a story
  • Spectacular battles
  • Procedure-generated worlds
  • Different types of weapons and types of attacks
  • Souls-like system
  • Stunning soundtrack

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Firelight Fantasy: Resistance Game

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