GTA London Download for PC 2023

GTA London Download for pc free

GTA London Download for PC 2023

Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 is an expansion pack for the Grand Theft Original Auto game, released in 1999 for Microsoft Windows. The expansion pack was developed by Rockstar Canada and published by Rockstar Games. The game takes place in London, England, in the 1960s and offers a new map with new missions and vehicles.

The players assume the role of a small criminal who tries to make a name for themselves in the criminal world of London. The game presents a new open-world environment, allowing players to explore the city at their own pace and finish various missions. The missions of the game are varied and include tasks such as banks, the diversion of vehicles and street races.

One of the main attractions of the game is the ability to drive and control authentic vehicles in the 1960s, such as the Mini Cooper and the London Taxi. The game also presents a new soundtrack, with songs from the 1960s to adapt to the decor of the game. You can also download another GTA series game GTA San Andreas Download.

Grand Theft Auto London Free Download

The differences between the mission package and the old GTA levels are minimal. If you want to stay legal, you will want to stay on the left side of the road. You will also enter and exit the cars on the right side of the car. This will initially lead to confusion. I know that this made me catch on to policemen not once. The whole speech was replaced by slang and accents that you expect to find in London around 1969. The music has also been completely updated, and it adapts very well to the scene. The graphics are mostly new, and also, provide new textures for buildings (at that time there were many pubs in London), and new cars, including an Austin Powers-style trip, complete with secret spy music accompaniment.

The GTA London mission package does not actually light a candle in the three original GTA cities, but still manages to be amusing enough. If you still want to do stupid things for your walks and cops of smoke (and frankly, who is not?), Then GTA London should make GTA 5 a little easier to cope with.

The game received positive criticism when it was released, with criticisms praising the gameplay in the open world of the game, the authentic sensation of London in the 1960s and the new vehicles and soundtrack. However, the game was criticized for its short length and its lack of variety of missions.

GTA London System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP/7
  • Video Memory: 16 MB
  • CD/DVD Rom Drive
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 or later
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Hard Drive: 400 MB Free
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Keyboard & Mouse

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Final Verdict:

Overall, Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 is an interesting expansion pack for fans of the Grand Theft Original Auto game. The decor of the game in the 1960s in London, its authentic vehicles and soundtracks, and its open world gameplay make it a unique and pleasant experience. Despite some criticisms, the game is a fun addition to the Grand Theft Auto series and this can be a good option for those who want a different experience from the classic vice or San Andreas.

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