Into the Radius VR Torrent Download For PC

Into the Radius VR is an Action, Shooter and Horror single-player survival shooter game developed and published by CM Games and 2020 released in July for PC.

Into the Radius VR Torrent Download For PC

Into the Radius VR Download PC Game

Journey through the post-apocalyptic surrealist Pechorsk Radius Zone where physics-based interaction, the use of realistic weapons and the menacing atmosphere will have your adrenaline pumping as you struggle to survive in a ruthless dystopian environment.

Open world exploration, climbing, stealth and a dynamic day/night cycle. This scary immersive survival shooter is inspired by “Roadside Picnic”. You also download After the Fall Launch Edition PC Game.


In 1987, the Pechorsk event changed everything for the peaceful Soviet mining town. Locals described the event as a brief earthquake, which raised clouds of dust into the sky, reducing visibility to almost zero. After the dust settled, they said they saw a huge dark red sphere in the sky, with black ash floating around the area.

Into the Radius VR Torrent Download For PC

Main Features:

  • There are miles and miles of crumbling forests, swamps, and industrial ruins to explore on your terms.
  • But beware: the Beam is filled with weird and deadly anomalies like warp, lightning, or poisonous gas that would inflict damage on anyone foolish or daring enough to approach, and hostile forces – shards, impersonators, shooters and more that roam the Beam and hunt. of prey.
  • Navigate with your realistic map, plan the path of your mission, overcome obstacles, seek shelters, discover loot stores and try not to get killed. At least not too often.
  • Equipped with an amazing variety of classic firearms such as AKM Kalashnikov, PM Pistol Makarova, SKS Carbine, FN SCAR and many more with matching ammunition. Realistic interaction, manual magazine loading with different types of ammunition and weapon accessories.

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