Paper Dolls 2 Free Download PC Game

Paper Dolls 2 is a first-person horror adventure game. There are four difficulties: hard difficulty, normal difficulty, difficult and hidden from nightmare, which is unlocked after finishing the game for the first time. For players who want to take on a challenge, try to complete a perfect nightmare race to get the illusory “Spectrum” rating, which once obtained gives the title “Spectrum”. You also download Battlefield 4 Free Download for PC.

Paper Dolls 2 Free Download PC Game
Paper Dolls 2 Free Download PC Game

Paper Dolls 2 Free Download PC Game

Yang Ming Yuan will continue his adventure on the top floor of the Yin building. “Paper Dolls 2” continues the game style of the “Paper Dolls Original” horror adventure.¬† Compared to “Paper Dolls Original”, “Paper Dolls 2” will have more fantastic scenes, more detailed plot animations and more addictive gameplay¬† For the first time, players can take approximately 10 hours.

There are four difficulty modes in the game, among which the most advanced nightmare mode must be unlocked once the game is over, we hope you will get the highest score in nightmare difficulty mode.

The story of Paper Dolls 2 Free Download:

Once again, Yang Mingyuan wakes up from a nightmare; gripped by a feeling of unwavering terror. When you close your eyes, the same scene is reproduced, as if it were projected inside the eyelids: an old rotten house, a dark mourning room, ethereal shadows and mysterious paper dolls. It is played repeatedly, without stopping. He hears a voice calling him, a whisper that drives him to leave, but he doesn’t understand exactly what he is saying.

Yang Mingyuan watches the sunset from the window, painting the sky red. He attributes all of this to work stress and other concerns.

“Take it one day at a time …” he says.

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Paper Dolls 2 Free Download PC Game


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