The Sims 2 Download Free PC Game

The Sims 2 download is a strategic life simulation video game developed in 2004 by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. This is the sequel to The Sims. The download of Sims 2 is based on the same concept as its predecessor: Players control their Sims in various activities and establish real relationships. You also download THE SIMS 1 DOWNLOAD PC GAME.

The Sims 2 Download Free PC Game

The Sims 2 Download

The Sims 2 Download have as their predecessor no defined goal. The game is open. The Sims have goals, desires and fears in life, the fulfillment of which can have both positive and negative consequences. All Sims age and can simulate for up to 90 days, depending on how well they have achieved their goals.

The Sims 2 download are based on their predecessor, allowing Sims to go through six stages of life and integrate a 3D graphics engine. Although the game is not linear, there are quarrels in the prefabricated quarters of the game. Pleasantview is based on the original Sims 25 years after the city. The history of Strangetown is based on the supernatural and is poorly associated with Pleasantview. The figures of Veronaville are based on those of Shakespeare. Also read SIMS 4 DOWNLOAD PC GAME.

The Sims 2 Download Free

The Sims 2 download for PC were released on September 14, 2004 for Microsoft Windows. On June 17, 2005, a port for Mac OS X was released. Subsequently, eight extension packages and nine object packages were started. In addition, several console versions have been released. The Sims 2 downloads for PCs are offered on mobile platforms and manufacturers such as Nokia offer the Sims 2 in Ovi Store. A sequel, The Sims 3, was launched in June 2009.

The Sims 2 were commercially successful: a million copies were sold in the first ten days, a record at that time. In April 2008, the Sims 2 website announced that 100 million copies of the Sims were sold. The free download of the Sims 2 was well received by critics with a score of 90% of the aggregators Metacritic and GameRankings. By March 2012, the Sims 2 on all platforms sold 13 million copies, of which more than six million for PCs. This made it one of the best-selling PC games ever. The download of Sims 2 was the latest Sims game Will Wright worked on before leaving Maxis. Also read FAR CRY 3 DOWNLOAD FOR PC.

The Sims 2 Download For PC

In the neighborhood view, the player selects many things to play, as in The Sims. There are residential and communal land, but the Sims can only live in residential land. Sims can move in the community to buy clothes and magazines and interact with NPCs and locals. This feature was only included in this game. The player can play on prefabricated, inhabited land, move a house to a vacant lot or build a building on a vacant lot. A novelty of the Sims are the basics.

The player switches between the “live” mode (default) to control the sims, the “buy” mode to add, move or delete furniture, or the “build” mode to rebuild the house , The purchase and creation method is not available on a shared property, but can be opened in the neighborhood view. It is also possible to import Neighborhood from SimCity 4.

The Sims 2 Free Download

The Sims 2 game contains limited social challenges that will reward you if you succeed. The Sims can organize parties to earn points, or invite the director to dinner to enroll their children in a private school. Some expansion packages include new mini-games, such as running a Greek university home or nightlife. In Nightlife, every appointment is a challenge: keep both Sims as happy as possible and collect sucking points. Some other expansion packs include supernatural characters that can become sims, such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, plants, and witches.

The main part of the game is to bring a Sim from the beginning to death. A sim is born when a sim and a sim try to have a baby several times. The mother will spend 3 days in Sim (each day lasts 24 minutes, though this can shorten the time) before giving birth to a baby. During pregnancy, the stomach does not gradually expand. Instead, each day “appears” in a larger size. Players can name the new Sim at birth.

The Sims 2 System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 98/98 SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista (if patched)
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz for Vista and above)
  • Memory: 512 MB (1GB for Vista and above.)
  • Graphics: 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  • DirectX┬«: DirectX 9.0 compatible.
  • Hard Drive: 11.1 GB free space.

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The Sims 2 Download Free PC Game

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